Who We Are

Lucia Mac is Brazilian, born in Sao Paulo City, fluent in PortugueseEnglish, and Italian

She is licensed by the Law Society Of Ontario, a Notary Public, an Immigration Professional with 10 years of experience.  Therefore,  she is qualified and authorized by law to provide legal services in Ontario, Canada.

“Upon arriving in Canada as a Permanent Resident, I remember thinking Canada was a paradise.

Words can’t describe the privilege of living in a first world country where you have dignity, security and freedom.

I believe a good professional reputation is built through the gratitude one’s clients express, which is my motivation for doing my best”.

Lucia Mac 

Lucia Mac

Eric Elliott

Eric Elliott, Canadian by birth from Newfoundland, retired firefighter for the City of Toronto, is accredited as an International Consultant for Education by ICEF.

He works as a Director of Recruitment to place international students in prestigious schools located in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. 

“In today’s global economy, dominating the English language is a must. I am always eager to help international students to get an acceptance letter at world-class institutions as we have built our business around that dream.

Our students may be away from friends and family, but we make sure every student in our care feels at home.

Whether you want to learn English or immigrate to Canada, Mac Education Canada is your one-stop shop for all. In Canada, you will feel like home and that’s our promise to you”. 

Eric Elliott